Hangzhou YiCai Chemical Co., Ltd.


         Pigments for Printing Ink


        Pigments for Paint & Plastic



Printing Ink


Red F2R PR2
Red R PR4
Red F4R PR8
Scarlet Red R PR21
Fast Red N PR22
Fast Red BBN-G PR48:1
Fast Red BBN-W PR48:1
Fast Red 2BC-B PR48:2
Fast Red 2BXL PR48:2
Fast Red 2BS PR48:3
Fast Red 2BS-W PR48:3
Lithol Scarlet R-G PR49:1
Lithol Scarlet R-W PR49:1
Lithol Scarlet R-WH PR49:1
Lithol Maroon W PR49:2
Lithol Scarlet S6B PR52:1
Lithol Scarlet S6BS PR52:1
Red Lake C PR53:1
Red Lake H-W PR53:1
Red Lake C-3 PR53:1
Red Lake C-S PR53:1
Red Lake C-2 PR53:1
Lithol Rubine H4BW PR57:1
Lithol Rubine H4BWH PR57:1
Lithol Rubine H4BN PR57:1
Lithol Rubine H4BD PR57:1
Lithol Rubine H4BE PR57:1
Lithol Rubine H4BH PR57:1
Lithol Rubine H4BA PR57:1
Lithol Rubine H4BMB PR57:1
Lithol Rubine A PR57:1
Lithol Rubine 6B PR57:1
Lithol Rubine H4BB PR57:1
Lithol Rubine H4BGL PR57:1
Lithol Rubine 6BA PR57:1
Lithol Rubine HS PR57:1
Lithol Rubine H4GA PR57:1
Lithol Rubine H4GB PR57:1
Lithol Rubine OF PR57:1
Lithol Rubine H6BR PR57:1
Lithol Rubine H6BL PR57:1
Lithol Rubine H6B PR57:1
Permanent Red FGR PR112
Quindo Red QA PR122
Quindo Red W PR122
Permanent Pink FBB PR146
Permanent Red F3RK PR170
Permanent Red F5RK PR170
Carmine Red F6B PR184
DPP Red O PR254
Naphthol Red F7RK PR266
DNA Orange 5 PO5
DNA Orange 5H PO5
Orange G PO13
Permanent Orange RL-TR PO34
Benzidine Yellow OF PY12
Benzidine Yellow OF-B PY12
Benzidine Yellow OF-C PY12
Benzidine Yellow W PY12
Benzidine Yellow OFT PY12
Benzidine Yellow PG22 PY12
Benzidine Yellow S PY12
Benzidine Yellow OF-D PY12
Permanent Yellow GR-OF PY13
Permanent Yellow GR-BG PY13
Permanent Yellow GR-W PY13
Permanent Yellow GR-FW PY13
Permanent Yellow GR-XL PY13
Permanent Yellow 2GS-OF PY14
Permanent Yellow 2GS-OFB PY14
Permanent Yellow 2GS-W PY14
Permanent Yellow 2GS-S PY14
Permanent Yellow 5GF PY14
Permanent Yellow 5GF-02 PY14
Permanent Yellow 2GS-PA PY14
Permanent Yellow 2GS-OFC PY14
Brilliant Yellow 5GX-TR PY74
Brilliant Yellow 5GX-OP PY74
Brilliant Yellow 5GX-SO PY74
Yellow HR-SO PY83
Yellow HR-SO01 PY83
Yellow HR-TR PY83
Yellow 3R PY110
Fast Yellow 4G PY150
Yellow LBSF PY174
Yellow LBSFL PY174
Yellow LBSFL01 PY174
Yellow LBSFFL02 PY174
Violet Toner PV3
Quindo Violet 201 PV19
Quindo Violet E3B PV19
Quindo Violet E5B PV19
Permanent Violet RL-R PV23
Cyanine Blue B PB15:0
Cyanine Blue BGS PB15:3
Cyanine Blue NF PB15:4
Cyanine Green G PG7
Cyanine Green GH PG7




Red F2R PR2
Toludine Red R PR3